Who We Are

Plateau State Association, USA Inc., is a non profit, non-political, non-religious association exclusively organised for charitable, scientific and educational purposes, more specifically to engage in education, health, social and economic development activities for the poor, disabled and underprivileged both in Plateau State of Nigeria and the United States of America.

The first ever convention for our beloved Plateau State Association, USA Inc, was held on Saturday November 2, 2005 at Mr. Hubert Shaiyen’s residence in Silver Spring, Maryland. Prior to the inaugural convention, it was a decision of like minded individuals with the interest of the Plateau state coupled with the desire to advance the welfare of the less privileged citizens of the state to form the association.

These individuals tasked themselves with crafting the mission and vision of the association, drafting the By-laws, suggesting programs for the upcoming year, and formally registering the association and obtaining tax-exempt status for the association among other things.

Mission Statement

Plateau State association, U.S.A. is an association of Plateau state indigenes and their families, resident in the United States of America who share common goals and aspirations towards the development of Plateau state.

The mission of the association is to achieve the status of being a model association through the collaborative effort of its members and our local community in Plateau State to plan and implement programs geared at fostering positive development in Plateau State, Nigeria in the areas of health, education economy, tourism, arts and culture and community development, e.t.c. Also to promote knowledge in the United States about Plateau state and its people.

The beginning

History Of Plateau State

Plateau state has been adjusted to its present borders many times. Colonial manipulation was from a desire to protect the railway construction and guarantee a safe passage of mined tin to the coast. The British began to exert colonial control of Nigeria in the early 20th century.

In 1926, Plateau Province, made up of Jos and Pankshin Divisions. The border changed several times in subsequent years as the government sought not to split ethnic groups. In May 1967, Benue and Plateau Provinces were merged to form the large Benue-Plateau State.he railway construction and guarantee a safe passage of mined tin to the coast. The British began to exert colonial control of Nigeria in the early 20th century.

At this time Nigeria had twelve states. Following the civil war, Benue-Plateau State was one of several large states which were further split up following pressure on the Federal Government. Under the military administration of General Yakubu Gowon, the country was further divided into nineteen states in 1976 and Plateau State was created from Benue-Plateau covering the area of the original Plateau Province. In 1996, Plateau State was further subdivided to create Nasarawa State which was carved out of the western half of Plateau State by Sani Abacha’s military regime.

Tin mining activities began in 1902 under the British and continue to the present day.

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