I am grateful to be given the mandate to be the President of Plateau State Association, USA (PSA). I am also very fortunate to have a strong and supportive National Executive Committee as well as membership group. PSA and the National Exco will continue to focus on our mission and really foster growth and development in ways that support our Plateau diaspora community. My hope and desire to bring about a paradigm shift in our community will engender unity of purpose, cooperation, and understanding among our people, which will translate into a tangible impact on the lives of our people here in the diaspora and in Nigeria.
I want to take a moment to thank our members for their continued participation and enthusiasm in PSA. Your incredible support allows us to continue the work we are tasked with. Finally, the time and effort that you are willing to volunteer is incredibly generous and has allowed us to continue to be successful as an organization.
May our actions and commitments lead to concrete and actionable objectives for PSA’s renaissance and the growth and development of our people here in the Americas and on the Plateau.
If you’re interested in finding out more, discussing opportunities, or to join our organization and any one of the amazing committees, please reach out to me at |
Warm Regards,

Dr. Barth Shepkong

Our Mission

Plateau State Association, USA, Inc. is organized to build a community of Plateau State diaspora living in USA exclusively for and to support charitable and educational projects in Plateau State, more specifically to engage in education, health, social and economic development activities for the poor, disabled and underprivileged in Plateau State of Nigeria and the USA.




To advocate, and, advance the cultural heritage of Plateau State.


To promote unity among Plateau citizens in the United States.


To promote and cultivate political awareness and civic responsibility among Plateau state citizens in the USA.


To promote the advancement and welfare of Plateau citizens in the United States.
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